New Browsing UI at Typekit

We just launched something over at Typekit that we’ve been working on for some time: a brand new interface for browsing our type library.

This release had lots of moving parts, including devising a new classification system that worked with our offerings, and retagging every last one of our fonts. We had built up some crufty tags in the last couple of years, so I’m happy to say that things are nice and tidy now (and vastly simplified).

But my favorite part of all is the new visual interface for browsing fonts. Type can be difficult for newcomers to understand, there are lots of strange terms that don’t always sound like what they mean. Type is a visual entity, so what better way to browse and sort typefaces than through a visual interface. This has the benefit of quicker recognizability, and the interface itself serves as a key to the terminology. We can show you what the terms means, so you learn as your browse.

This is actually just the groundwork for some big things we’ve been busy with. Now that this is out there, we can start rolling out even more wonderful things. Hold on tight!

You can read more about what went into the new browsing UI on the Typekit blog, and you can check it out for yourself here.