Instapaper 4

The previous Instapaper icon on the left, and the updated icon on the right.

Instapaper 4.0 is out! Instapaper is one of the best iOS apps around. It lets you save articles from the web for offline reading, and strips out everything but the article text and images. It’s especially great for a subway commute.

This time up, I had a hand in the latest version. Marco Arment asked me to help him clean up the logo, typography, and colors in the app, as well as help oversee the creation of new in-app icons from David Lanham from Iconfactory and a new app icon from Dan Cederholm.

We are all big lovers of Instapaper, so we made sure not to mess with a good thing. We just updated the visuals and tried to apply a consistency throughout the app. The type tweaks we made might not be readily apparent, but yow those new icons look nice.

Read more about the release, and the slew of new/updated features, over at Marco’s blog. And you can grab it in the App Store today.