A List Apart: Issue 342

The latest issue of A List Apart is one of my favorites in recent memory, and has three articles you can’t miss.

In “An Important Time for Design”, Cameron Koczon challenges designers to be all that they can be:

The web is going to increasingly shape our world and consequently our daily lives. We can either sit on the sidelines and submissively assist those who are doing the shaping or we can take a more active role in creating the future we want. This year, thanks to a spike in demand, designers have a chance to actively nudge the world in any direction they like. It’s a huge opportunity with a tiny window. Let’s not let it pass by.

Next, Mark Otto walks us through “Building Twitter Bootstrap”, a fantastically useful bit of web design documentation:

Ultimately this boiled down to one core concept: pairing designers with developers. Constant interaction with developers is what sparked Bootstrap and continues to drive its development over a year later. From whiteboarding ideas to coding rough prototypes, collaborating across disciplines is what made Bootstrap successful for internal use at Twitter. This process informed the development of nearly every feature in Bootstrap and has worked remarkably well over time.

And Scott Kellum closes us out with “A Pixel Identity Crisis” where we learn how our little pixel is growing up and getting all awkward:

When using a phone that you held close, a reference pixel will be smaller on the screen than a projection you view from a distance. If the viewer holds their phone up so it is side-by-side with the projection, the pixel sizes should look identical no matter the resolution or pixel density the devices have. When implemented properly, this new standard will provide unprecedented stability across all designs on all platforms no matter the pixel density or viewing distance.